Nov 192013

Practice an Attitude of Gratitude

How to practice an attitude of gratitude in your life for happiness and success.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions a person has. Gratitude is more powerful than anger, greed or sadness. Gratitued is almost as powerful as the emotion of love.

What is this?  Why is Gratitude such a powerful emotion.  Well, gratitude, or an attitude of gratitude, sends a signal to the universe that ‘hey, I already have this’ [the thing that you want.]  Whilst the attitude of ‘wanting’ sends a signal to the universe ‘hey I DON’T have it yet.’

Now, think Law of Attraction. In order to apply the concept of the Law of Attraction to you daily life you will basically need to adopt a Be Do Have set of principals. The Law of Attraction encourages like minded things, object, thoughts, feelings and experiences into you sphere of influence.

In order to allow the Law of Attraction to opperate, you need to Be the type of person you want to become; Do the type of things that identify with your objectives; and finally, have the attitudes that will take you in the direction you wish to go. When you practice these Be Do Have principals you provide the Law of Attraction something positive with which to opperate on, a manner that will help the Universe fulfil  Continue reading »

May 222013

Zener cards were developed and designed by Karl Zener, a Swiss Psychologist, and his associate J.B Rhine, at Duke University during the 1930’s, to test an individual’s psychic abilities or ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).

Zener cards can test many types of psychic abilities including the ability to perceive objects or events that already exist or have occurred, but are not known to you (clairvoyance); your ability to see the future (precognition); and the ability to transfer thoughts or feelings via a medium other then the 5 senses (telepathy).

A deck of Zener Cards consists of 25 cards made up of 5 subsets of identical cards. The pictures on the 5 cards consisted of a cross, waved lines, a hollow circle, a hollow star, and a hollow square.

Zener cards were originally made out of a flimsy material. This material was later determined to be biased due to its translucence which allowed individuals to see the shapes through the cards. So, subsequent decks utilized a thicker card stock to eliminate the bias and lend credibility to the statistical data. Continue reading »

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May 212013
Like Attracts Like

Like Attracts Like

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction explains how our attitudes and thoughts work to manifest the things we focus on. Whether we focus on positive things or negative things, we draw the same unto us. Like Attracts Like; fairly straight forward isn’t it?

The thing to understand is that whether you believe it or not, The Law of Attraction is at work for you right now. You don’t have a choice, there is no pause or stop, you can’t rewind, it is an ongoing process in operation 24 hours a day. The Law of Attraction is also one of the primary reasons you should try to escape the mind.

Whenever your conscious or subconscious mind is working, you have The Law of Attraction in operation for you.  Continue reading »

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May 192013

childrenandparentsI was stunned to hear recently from a teacher friend indicating half of her class full of Grade 3, 8 year old children have been medically diagnosed with anxiety. I was a little taken aback to say the least.

Such prevalence makes me wonder what kind of a world are we creating where our beautiful precious children are suffering from such levels of stress, fear and worry.

It makes me want to ask the question why would children have anxiety? Continue reading »

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Jan 172013
Declutter your life today.

De-clutter your life today.

De-clutter your home – De-clutter your life

In order to allow new fresh, radiant energy into your life, you need to De-clutter your home.

De-cluttering means clearing out the closets and going through those drawers that hold a miscellaneous amount of sins, impulse buys, nick-knacks, and anything else that you haven’t used in the last 12 – 24 months. You know, the ones that you’ll get around to cleaning up one day in the mythical future when you don’t have something more important to focus on.

Making space will allow more to flow into your life. This begins with making room and starting to De-clutter you life.

Once you have started to de-clutter, you will be well on the way to achieving a life that you’re passionate about Continue reading »

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Dec 292012

mindfulness is awareness of the now.

What is Mindfulness?

It may come as a rather obvious revelation, nonetheless, your mind does not control you.

You are the boss of your own mind.

Do you believe me?

Simply,  it’s achieved through a state of mindfulness.

One of the most important things you can do is keep a check on your thoughts. What are your predominant thought patterns?
Bringing an awareness to your thinking allows you to make changes to the thoughts that you hold.  This soon allows you to become aware of trends of thinking such as negative or positive. More importantly, Continue reading »

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Dec 172012

Seven Daily Activities For Success!

Its an ambiguous term, but, what is success?  Success means different things for different people. 

Achieving success involves more than just reading books and interpreting the concepts and theories conveyed.

Successful people take action and are disciplined on a daily basis.

You can create your own foundation for achieving success by applying the following daily activities in your life, so what are the Seven Daily Activities for Success?   Continue reading »

Dec 172012

How-to-escape-the-mind-is-a-tricky-thing-to-doTo live a new reality

Some people in this world are unhappy.

This is mainly because they live too much in their minds and are obsessed with re-running events and situations from their past. Or perhaps they are focusing on what  has not yet come to pass from their anticipated future.

When you focus on the past or fearfully try to guess your future, you end up manifesting more of the things you don’t like and end up dwelling upon it. You become stagnant.

When you live in your mind, you tend to grow your ego. The ego can only exist because it was created by the mind, so the more present you are in the current moment, the more you diminish the control your ego has over your life.

To feel truly happy you should learn to escape the mind.

Continue reading »

Dec 082012

Self Esteem is central to Self Image

How do I build my self esteem?

Self Esteem affects your success in relationships, your family life, leisure activities, work, career and life. It affects your behaviour, thinking, and everything you attempt in life. It impacts on everything you want to do. In fact, self esteem is essential to nearly everything you do.

A firm belief in your capabilities and self confidence is the single most important asset you have as a person. Even with all the resources and skills in the world, a person will fall short of attempting what could be their greatest achievements if they do not have the Self Confidence and Self Love to attempt what they want in life.

Self Esteem is the perception you hold of yourself and your sense of Self Worth. If you hold a healthy sense of self worth then you have a healthy Self Esteem or a high level of Self Confidence. Your Self Image, the way you look at the world and your place in it, and how much you value yourself as a person, are influenced by how important you think you are.

Everyone is just as capable of acting effectively as the President of the United States as is the current ‘holder of that position’ It boils down to the image you hold of yourself.

The way you respond to the question “how much do I value myself” will tell you a lot about your level of Self Esteem. In essence, having a Healthy Self Esteem will emphasise to you that you have the competence to cope with the challenges that life throws at you and this Motivates your sense of worthiness and happiness in life.

Continue reading »

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Dec 072012

What is self talk and how can I benefit from it?

What is Self Talk?

Self Talk pushes you to do or not do things.

Internal Self Talk

Self Talk is internal vocalisation of your ideas, feelings and intentions you have about yourself and is  in response to the things that you do or that happen in your life.

Self Talk is your own internal, often involuntary, commentary on life in response to something that has happened to you or that has had an impact on you.

The Impact of Self Talk

What you say to yourself can have a big impact on your life. There are two types of Self Talk; Positive and Negative.

Self Talk affects the way you feel, the way you react to something and it can impact on you sense of Self Worth and Self Esteem, as well as you level of achievement and what you will attempt.

Self talk is like an internal coach who eggs you on; either encouraging you to try harder and succeed. It can boost your confidence and sense of self worth; or it can act like an internal bully which keeps criticising and undermining your attempts to achieve things. Continue reading »

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